If A DUI Causes No Injuries, Can You Refute The Charge?

Posted on: 19 November 2017

What can you do if you get charged with a DUI? More often than not, people who get charged with driving under the influence or with drunk driving immediately consider to defend themselves, or to use a public defender. When it comes to being charged with a DUI, an attorney will most likely not be able to help you so much, but a DUI lawyer can make a big difference for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer?

A lot of people who are facing DUI charges try to defend themselves because they believe that hiring a lawyer could be too expensive for them. And even though this may be true, you need to remember that hiring a lawyer can help you to save a big amount of money in a long run. However, if you are still afraid of hiring a lawyer for some reason, then just sit down and think about how much money you would lose for spending a few months in jail.

Some people also believe that they can save a lot of money by using an attorney that has been appointed by the court. Anyway, when trying to find a personal lawyer, look for someone who has a lot of experience when it comes to DUI laws. You may spend more time in jail face higher fees if you pick a less experienced lawyer.

Understanding the Court System

The court system can be confusing at times, and a less experienced attorney may not understand it completely. However, a good, highly experienced DUI attorney will, and they can explain all the possible consequences that you may face. Still though, they are not magicians, and you can't be 100% percent sure that all of the charges will be dropped. However, lawyers can significantly increase those chances.

An experienced attorneys possess the necessary knowledge needed to properly interview officers and witnesses. They are also able to tell you which drugs and chemicals can impact the results of a breath analyzer.

It is a Good Idea to Use Them Only if You Are a First Time Offender

A lawyer can be of a big help if you are a first time offender. They can increase the chances of charges being put behind you, and you keeping your license. However, a lawyer will most likely not be able to help you if you have injured someone, you don't know your rights, you don't know what you need to do, and if you have been arrested for the exact same thing in the past.

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Staying Out Of Trouble

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