Common Types Of Occupational Diseases That May Trigger Worker's Compensation Claims

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Most employees know that they are entitled to workers compensation services if they are injured while on the job. However, many people assume that the compensation is only available for accidental injuries, such as cuts to the finger or fractures occasioned by falls. The truth is that worker's compensation insurance also covers diseases, as long as they stem from work-related duties. Here are some of the common occupational diseases for which you may be compensated:

Chemical Poisoning

You may be poisoned with a chemical in the workplace if you are exposed to it during accidental spillage, if you don't have the proper protective gear, or if you haven't been properly trained on how to do your work. For example, a worker at a manufacturing plant may inhale dangerous gases, fibers, or dust that may cause stomach upsets or headaches if they don't have protective equipment.

Industrial Dermatitis

Some industrial products can cause skin irritations when they come into contact with your skin. In some cases, the damage occurs when you experience a sudden exposure, while in other cases, even gradual exposure may cause the same problem. Industrial dermatitis may occur either as an allergic reaction or due to the irritation caused by the offending substance. Some of the typical causes of industrial dermatitis include oils, detergents, rubber, and latex, among others.


There are industrial chemicals that have been proven to cause or increase the risk of cancer after prolonged exposure. Classic examples include arsenic (lung and skin cancer), cadmium (prostate cancer), and benzene (leukemia), among others. Unfortunately, these types of occupational diseases are not easy to prove because they typically develop after many years making it difficult to tie them to their causes. These are some of the cases that you shouldn't try to handle without the input of an experienced worker's compensation lawyer.

Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases are some of the most common occupational diseases that industrial workers face. Respiratory diseases may be caused by liquid droplets in the air, dust particles, fibers, smoke, and fumes, among other things. In fact, the trigger of a respiratory disease doesn't have to be poisonous per se; even something like cement dust can affect your respiratory system if you breathe it in every day over a long period.

Therefore, if you have developed a disease as a result of your work, you should pursue worker's compensation for it. Note that you will have to prove you got sick in the workplace or in the line of your duties, and this isn't exactly easy with occupational diseases, so you should think of getting a lawyer's help.


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