Establishing A Working Relationship With Bail Bond Agents: How And Why For Lawyers

Posted on: 20 September 2018

As a criminal lawyer, you spend a lot of time in court and visiting clients in jail. A question you are most certainly asked often is "Where can I find a bail agent?" Maybe your client asks it, or a family member of the jailed (when the family member calls to ask what happens next or get the case file number for bail). If you have spent enough time in the jails, you eventually run into a couple of bail bond agents. It is a good idea to establish a working relationship with these bond agents for all of the following reasons.

You Can Tell the Family Members of Clients Where to Go for a Bail Bond

It helps to have answers for family members that ask about bail bonds. It makes it seem as though you are genuinely invested in helping those who may be charged with crimes, but who may be innocent. When you represent people who may be innocent and those people are the only financial support other family members have, then you are doing good for them by knowing and recommending bail bond agents.

Bail Bond Agents Can Refer New Clients to You

Not every client you will ever represent comes to you from the court system. You got into law to defend both paying clients and work for the courts on rotation with other lawyers. Bail bond agents can refer new paying clients to you when customers come to them to get a bail bond and then ask for a referral to a good criminal defense lawyer.

You Could Start a Legal Business with a Bail Bond Agent/Bounty Hunter

Office space in some cities is at a major premium. Bonded and released prisoners jump bail, and then you have no clients. You could join forces with a bail bond agent (who is also a bounty hunter/bail bond retrieval agent), and share office space and clients/customers. Every time your business partner provides bond for your client and your client skips town, your partner can go retrieve him/her. It is an unusual partnership, but it definitely works for everyone involved.

You Already Share Pertinent Information with Bail Bond Agents Anyway

Bail bond agents already receive pertinent information about your clients from you anyway. They need client file numbers, charges against said clients (which may be reasons for jumping bail/risk assessment value), and client names and addresses where they should be residing until their next hearings.

Contact a bail bond service for more help.


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