Goals For Defendants Facing Assault Charges

Posted on: 18 December 2019

There are several different types of assault charges you might be facing, including simple assault and aggravated assault. In any case, the lawyer you hire may have several main goals in helping you fight your case, and here are the top two goals of most assault criminal cases.

Proving the defendant is innocent

One of the key goals of most criminal cases is trying to find a way to prove the defendant is innocent. If a lawyer can gather enough evidence and build a case around it that is strong enough, there is always a chance a jury or judge might find that there is simply not enough evidence to convict the person. The jury could also use the evidence in a way to determine that there is no chance that the defendant could have committed the crime.

To prove the defendant is innocent, the lawyer hired for the job will usually begin working on a defense strategy. There are a lot of different strategies a criminal lawyer might use for this, and the choice will depend on the unique details of the case and the evidence.

An example of a defense used in an assault case is self-defense. If there is enough evidence to prove that the defendant assaulted someone else simply to protect him or herself or others, this could be a great strategy to use. There are many other strategies the lawyer could also use, and a good lawyer will base this on the facts and evidence.

Getting the charges reduced

If the lawyer does not think he or she can fight the case and win with an innocent verdict, the lawyer may move on to the goal of getting the charges reduced. This often occurs through a plea bargain, which is a deal between the court and the defense.

For example, if you are facing aggravated assault charges, your lawyer might work with the court to get them to reduce these to simple assault charges instead. Getting the charges reduced will result in a less-severe charge on your record and a lighter punishment for the crime. If you are a first-time offender, it will be much easier to get the charges reduced than if you are a repeat offender.

When facing assault charges, it is vital to have a criminal lawyer working with you on your case. You can find out more information about criminal cases and strategies by calling a law firm.

For more information, contact a criminal defense lawyer.


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