Should You Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Traffic Or Speeding Ticket?

Posted on: 8 July 2021

For many people, the idea of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer and fighting a case in court may seem a little extreme. There are often assumptions baked into these decisions, especially the false belief that you can never convince a judge that a cop is wrong. It can seem like a big step to hire a traffic ticket attorney, but there are some scenarios where it may be worth it.

A Strong Case

One of the simplest reasons for retaining the services of a traffic lawyer is that you believe you have a strong case. For example, you might have missed a speed limit sign and gone back to the location only to see that it's overgrown with weeds blocking the view. You could give some photos of the scene to a speeding ticket attorney and ask them whether you have an argument. They might agree that the state has failed in its duty to make traffic control signs visible.

Insurance Premiums

Another argument for looking for traffic lawyers is to try to avert a hike in your auto insurance premiums. If the ticket involves an offense that would put points on your license, there's a good chance your insurer will penalize you. However, the court doesn't send the information about the case to your insurer until the matter is resolved. If you and a traffic attorney can successfully fight the charges, then you won't suffer the increased rate.

You Have a Commercial License

Some people depend on their licenses for their livelihoods. If you have a CDL, you might not be in a position to take a hit on even something as simple as slow-rolling a stop sign. Depending on your state's laws, even relatively minor offenses can lead to the suspension or revocation of your commercial license.

Even if you're not at risk of losing the license, it still goes on your record. That can create problems down the road with background checks, making it harder for you to find work.

Risk of Losing a Regular License

Another risk is that you may lose your regular license. Especially when people already have previous offenses on their records, they can rack up enough points to lose their driving privileges. In extreme cases, usually incidents involving alleged recklessness, a single offense can lead to the revocation of your right to drive. Even if you don't lose your license, you might be left in a position where you could lose it if you get hit with a charge in the next few years.


Staying Out Of Trouble

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