How To Get A Lenient Judgment When Facing DUI Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Posted on: 19 September 2022

A conviction for DUI (driving under the influence) can make you get a punishment that can impact your entire life. Your situation can be more serious if the state also charges you with vehicular manslaughter charges. Such charges can see the judge sentence you to years behind bars, depending on the severity of your crime. However, you can get a lenient judgment if you use an effective legal strategy. Below are steps that can help reduce your charges, have them dismissed, or result in acquittal.

Work With an Attorney 

DUI vehicular manslaughter charges are a serious offense. Thus, you should hire a lawyer to defend you in court. Failure to enlist legal help can get you into trouble because you might not know how to defend yourself. Besides, you might make a mistake by pleading guilty in court, leaving you with a maximum sentence, including a hefty fine or years behind bars. However, a DUI lawyer can use your state's drunk driving laws to build a defensive strategy. They will start by evaluating the evidence the prosecution plans to table in court to let them know the arguments to raise to secure your freedom. Your legal advisor will also advise you on the steps to take and avoid throughout the trial. This will prevent you from doing something that might make you get a harsh judgment.

Work With Experts

Your legal advisor may enlist different experts' services to help them build a strong defense. For instance, they might get an expert to explain why your blood test results may have been faulty. They will tell the court that the person who drew your blood may not have used the right strategy. You may also be suffering from a medical condition that could have made the test produce positive results. The test results may also have been inaccurate if the technician who administered them did not have experience. 

A field sobriety test instructor may also refute the testimony of the officer who conducted the tests. They will highlight the officers' mistakes and how they contributed to the inaccurate results. In addition, a breathalyzer expert will explain how the officers may have made calibration errors leading to inaccurate readings. Your lawyer may also enlist the services of an expert witness to reconstruct the events that led to the crash. Their statement will enable your lawyer to refute the report and statement given by the prosecution's witnesses.

The measures above can make you avoid harsh judgment when you appear in court to face DUI vehicular manslaughter charges. Keep in mind that the most essential step is enlisting the services of a DUI lawyer. They will build a strong defense to convince the judge that you are not guilty of this serious charge.

Contact a local DUI lawyer to learn more. 


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