• Why Would A Witness Ever Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    For many people acting as witnesses in criminal cases, it can come as a shock to learn they may want to hire lawyers. You might wonder how it's possible as a witness that you'd need a criminal defense attorney but here are some reasons why. Criminal Exposure It's easy to think that the only people who need any sort of criminal defense are those who've committed crimes. However, criminal exposure doesn't mean you had to have committed an offense.
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  • Search & Seizure Law For DUIs

    If you are charged with a DUI or DWI, you may have had your vehicle searched. In some cases, officers participate in an unconstitutional search and seizure of your items in order to bring this charge forward. If officers find evidence as part of an illegal search, it cannot be admitted at trial. Do you think you have been the victim of an illegal search? This is what you need to know as you face DUI charges.
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