• How Active Should A Criminal Defense Be?

    The popular image of a criminal law attorney is of someone who fights tooth and nail to destroy the prosecution's case. In the real world of criminal law, however, extremely active defense isn't always the best approach. This article looks at why that is and how your attorney is likely to approach the question of just how actively they should be fighting the prosecution's arguments. Making the State Do Its Job
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  • Should You Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Traffic Or Speeding Ticket?

    For many people, the idea of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer and fighting a case in court may seem a little extreme. There are often assumptions baked into these decisions, especially the false belief that you can never convince a judge that a cop is wrong. It can seem like a big step to hire a traffic ticket attorney, but there are some scenarios where it may be worth it.
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  • Facing Abuse Allegations During A Divorce: Why You Need To Consult Both A Divorce & A Criminal Attorney

    Not surprisingly, emotions tend to run extremely high in divorce cases. All too often, these emotions lead individuals to make accusations of abuse against their soon-to-be ex-spouse. These allegations can impact many aspects of the divorce, including child custody, the voiding or validation of a prenuptial agreement, and the accused spouse's right to remain in the family home until the divorce is finalized. However, these allegations can also result in criminal charges being filed.
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