• Should You Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Traffic Or Speeding Ticket?

    For many people, the idea of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer and fighting a case in court may seem a little extreme. There are often assumptions baked into these decisions, especially the false belief that you can never convince a judge that a cop is wrong. It can seem like a big step to hire a traffic ticket attorney, but there are some scenarios where it may be worth it.
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  • Facing Abuse Allegations During A Divorce: Why You Need To Consult Both A Divorce & A Criminal Attorney

    Not surprisingly, emotions tend to run extremely high in divorce cases. All too often, these emotions lead individuals to make accusations of abuse against their soon-to-be ex-spouse. These allegations can impact many aspects of the divorce, including child custody, the voiding or validation of a prenuptial agreement, and the accused spouse's right to remain in the family home until the divorce is finalized. However, these allegations can also result in criminal charges being filed.
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