Why A Delay In Trial Doesn't Automatically Translate To A Violation Of Your Right To A Speedy Trial

Posted on: 2 October 2017

You probably know that every criminal suspect has the right to a speedy trial and a violation of the same can lead to dismissal of charges. However, dismissal of charges due to this violation isn't common because there are exceptions that allow the government to continue with your case even after a lengthy delay.  For example, the court may find that your right to a speedy trial wasn't violated if:
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2 Reasons To Hire A Traffic Violation Attorney

Posted on: 4 July 2017

Contesting a traffic violation in court may seem like a very easy task, but you will still want a traffic violation attorney on your side because of the many potential issues that they can help you avoid. Listed below are two reasons to hire a traffic violation attorney to help you contest a ticket or other types of violation. Can Save You A Lot Of Money In The Long Run
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3 Mistakes People Make After Being Charged With A Crime

Posted on: 27 May 2017

If you have been in trouble with the law you are probably wondering what you should do to protect yourself. A criminal record can be very serious and can damage your future if it isn't handled right. Here are some mistakes that people make after an arrest or a criminal charge. 1. Not Hiring An Attorney It is no secret that hiring an attorney can be costly. A good attorney will charge a good amount of money to represent you, but it is worth the money.
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You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Posted on: 13 April 2017

It is possible to get a visa to come work or be a student in the United States. It is also possible for a person to become a United States citizen. However, gaining citizenship can be a lot harder than one might think. There are lawyers that specialize specifically in the immigration laws in the United States. If you want to increase the likelihood of actually obtaining a visa or becoming a citizen there are specific things that you truly need to do.
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